Modern pipeline
Modern /software supply chain security

Ox Security verifies the integrity and security of every artifact using a pipeline bill of materials (PBOM),
fix risks post-production, or better yet, avoid them during coding.

What is a PBOM?​​​

PBOM technology sets a new standard for software supply chain security. It ensures the integrity and security of every build from cloud to code. First coined by two former Checkpoint executives Neatsun Ziv and Lior Arzi, a pipeline bill of Materials (PBOM) is a dynamic list of everything a piece of software goes through, starting with the first line of code all the way through to release, identifying any vulnerabilities along the way. This is in contrast to an SBOM, which is simply a static list - name, version, license and vulnerabilities - associated with open source components.

Integrate everything and reduce manual work

Ox Security integrates directly into development tools, workflows, and CI/CD pipelines, delivering centralized insights in minutes.

{visibility} {prevention} {remediation}

from design to production

See everything that affects your software

Gain full visibility over the software supply chain attack surface, source code, pipeline, artifacts, container images, runtime assets, and all applications.

Accelerate your product security program​

Build your remediation strategy based on a list of prioritized risks and recommendations specific to your context and business objectives.​

Monitor security drift​

Continuously monitor changes to your environment that impact security to ensure that your software supply chain does not drift from its secure state.

Eliminate risk​

Automatically find, prevent, and fix software supply chain risks, from code to cloud and across your CI/CD. Reduce exposure during the building stages, and minimize the attack surface without impeding developer agility.​

Setting the standard for devops and security teams