Stop Attacks Across Your Software Supply Chain

Automatically block risks introduced into the pipeline and ensure the integrity of each workload, all from a single location.

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A Complete Software Supply Chain Security Solution


Manage your findings from a single location

Full visibility and end to end traceability over your software pipeline security from cloud to code.

Manage your findings, orchestrate DevSecOps activities, prevent risks and maintain software pipeline integrity from a single location.


Resolve riskiest issues first

Remediate risks based on prioritization and business context.

Automatically block vulnerabilities introduced into your pipeline.

Immediately identify the “right person” to take action on any security exposure.


Close Gaps in Security Tooling & Coverage

Avoid known security risks like Log4j and Codecov.

Prevent new attack types based on proprietary research and threat intel.

Detect anomalies like GitBleed.


Improve CI/CD Security & Processes

Ensure the security and integrity of all cloud artifacts.

Undertake security gap analysis and identify any blind spots.

Auto-discovery and mapping of all applications.

Top Use Cases

Ox gives you full visibility and end-to-end traceability of your
software supply chain from the first line of code through to production.

CI/CD Security Posture

OX provides full security coverage over the entire software pipeline, helping DevSecOps and security teams protect their organizations from the next celebrity attack.

CI/CD Workflow Automation

Stop accumulating security debt and automatically block vulnerabilities introduced into the pipeline, making security an integral part of the development process instead of an afterthought.

Production Integrity

Reduce manual work and automate protective actions like blocking the pipeline and code merges, making security an integral part of the development process instead of an afterthought.

Security Tools Marketplace

Stop using tools without getting any value. Ox provides single-click Integration and invocation of open-source and commercial security tools, allowing DevSecOps to activate tools with minimal effort and zero friction.

Single Source of Truth (ASOC)

Manage findings, orchestrate devsecops activities, prevent risks and maintain software pipeline integrity, all from a single location.

Asset & Risk Visibility (ASPM)

Auto-discovery and mapping of all applications with full visibility over the software supply chain attack surface, including source code, pipeline, artifacts, container images, and runtime assets.

Maturity Assessment & Compliance

OX supports over 35 built-in compliance frameworks, such as NIST, SOC2 and GDPR, allowing compliance teams to continuously monitor, report on and improve compliance across the organization.

Shift Left

Visibility into software vulnerabilities while coding allows developers proactively respond and remediate potential threats pre-production, without impacting velocity.

Easy Integration for End-to-End Visibility

Easy Integration and invocation of open-source and commercial security tools delivers a single, comprehensive view of the software supply chain in minutes.

Getting started is easy

Bake security into your software pipeline. A single API integration is all you need to get started. No credit card required.

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