CI/CD Security Posture

Continuous CI/CD Security

Secure software development and delivery pipelines by establishing security best practices early in the process and continuously verifying the code's correctness through automated tests and builds.

Hardening of your security posture (SLSA)

Improve your software supply chain security posture by leveraging existing tools, eliminating tools with overlapping capabilities and identify missing ones, reducing exposure to attacks, shrinking the number of false positives, and minimizing the risk of unnoticed security drift.

Align security with your DevOps strategy

Ensure that your policies, tools, procedures and processes are configured correctly to secure your pipeline.

Prevent new attack types ‚Äč

Continuously scan for risks in your development processes (like Solarwinds and Codecov) using open and deep web threat intelligence augmented by OX's world-class security research team.

Getting started is easy

Bake security into your software pipeline. A five-minute integration is all you need to get started.