Production Integrity

Ensure Only Trusted
Builds Reach Production

Generate a complete SBOM and PBOM for every version and answer critical questions about software lineage, ensuring the integrity of your software supply chain and the security of all assets in production.

Understand how your product gets built

Generate a complete SBOM for each version and receive an accurate detail of the foundational code components on which an application is built to better understand what is being used and where there could be a potential risk.

Prevent artifact injections from malicious actors​

Enforce security policies from cloud to code, identifying any unintended components and ensuring that all workloads originate from trusted, secure builds.

Securely build products

Use OX’s PBOM standard to confirm the security status of each version in production. Block artifacts built outside the official pipeline from reaching production.

Getting started is easy

Bake security into your software pipeline. A five-minute integration is all you need to get started.