Single Source of Truth (ASOC)

Manage Insights from a Single Location

You’ve acquired multiple security products and are faced with the responsibility of identifying, provisioning, and integrating the right mix of tools and working with different security interfaces. Inevitably, there are going to be gaps in tooling and coverage and you will never have the full picture.

A single pane of glass

OX presents previously disconnected data in a unified way for clearer visibility. Easily embedded within the company's existing workflows, OX gathers data, applies advanced analytics, and quickly generates a list of actionable insights for developers, DevOps and security teams, all in a single location.

Context is everything​

Build your remediation strategy based on a list of prioritized risks and insights specific to your context and business objectives.​ We look at the issues, understand them deeper so we give you a deeper understand

Embed visibility into your culture

OX identifies risk owners, builds the workflow and automates fixes.

SBOMs are not enough

Admiral Mike Rogers
Admiral Mike Rogers,
Former Director of NSA
“Recent high-profile breaches — like Codecov, and Log4j could not have been detected or prevented with the static list of software components contained in an SBOM.”

Getting started is easy

Bake security into your software pipeline. A five-minute integration is all you need to get started.