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Betting on a New Approach with Active ASPM

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Streamlining Application Security at 888 Holdings with OX Security

In betting and gaming, application security (AppSec) is critical in protecting the integrity and reliability of digital services. 888 Holdings, a global frontrunner in the industry, recognized the need for a proactive AppSec program to safeguard its operations across 15 countries and its workforce of over 11,000. The challenge? Achieving comprehensive visibility and traceability amidst a landscape of fragmented AppSec tools. The solution? Embracing the OX Active ASPM platform.


Centralizing Control for Unmatched Visibility

The deployment of OX Active ASPM by 888 Holdings marked a pivotal shift from a fragmented approach to a unified, streamlined strategy. This transformation allowed for end-to-end coverage without disrupting the critical uptime essential to 888’s operations. The OX platform brought forth:

  • Centralized Control: Offering a single pane of glass for all AppSec activities.
  • Enhanced Prioritization: Enabling a focus on critical vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Better Developer Engagement: Bridging the gap between security teams and developers.
  • Increased DevOps Resilience Score: Strengthening the CI/CD pipeline’s robustness.


Golan Barash, Group Head of Security and CISO at 888 Holdings, emphasized the importance of maintaining a seamless gaming experience while managing the intricate complexities of their digital infrastructure. The adoption of OX Active ASPM was not merely a choice but a necessity to ensure the security and reliability of their applications, which are critical for providing continuous online casino, poker, and betting services worldwide.


A Continuous Balancing Act

The integration of OX’s solution addressed several critical challenges faced by 888 Holdings, including the need for application context in their security measures, the complexity of their CI/CD dynamics, and the permission paradox that often hinders effective policy enforcement. OX’s unified dashboard emerged as a game-changer, offering clear visibility and enabling a focused approach to securing the software supply chain.


Fostering Collaboration for Enhanced Security

The partnership between 888 Holdings and OX was a testament to the power of collaboration in achieving a comprehensive and integrated AppSec framework. Through prioritization features and native scanning tools, the OX platform provided a holistic view of the security landscape, enabling 888 Holdings to allocate resources more effectively and enhance their overall cybersecurity posture.


Transformative Results and a Secure Future

The collaboration yielded significant improvements in operational efficiency and cybersecurity resilience for 888 Holdings. Notable outcomes included:

  • A Focus on Critical Vulnerabilities: Ensuring resources are directed towards the most pressing security threats.
  • Increased Developer Engagement: Fostering a culture of security awareness and advocacy among developers.
  • A Robust DevOps Resilience Score: Leveraging data from OX to measure and enhance the CI/CD pipeline’s security.


Better Together

888 Holdings’ journey with OX Security exemplifies how a strategic approach to AppSec can revolutionize how companies safeguard their digital assets. The collaborative effort elevated 888’s security posture and reinforced its commitment to delivering secure and uninterrupted gaming experiences. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like this will be crucial in navigating the complexities of cybersecurity and application integrity.

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