Unpacking Log4j: A Cybersecurity Playbook for Executives

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This cybersecurity playbook is inspired by Amy Chaney’s experience with a major cybersecurity event that rattled the industry not too long ago: the infamous Log4Shell vulnerability. She recently shared her firsthand account on CyberOxTales Podcast, of being in the thick of things at JPMorgan Chase during the crisis. From understanding the intricacies of vulnerabilities to […]

Press Release: OX Security and HCLSoftware Announce Strategic Partnership to Launch AppScan Supply Chain Security

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New OEM Capabilities, Empower Organizations to Deliver a Modern Approach to Application Security   New York, NY, and Tel Aviv, Israel – May 7, 2024 – Today, OX Security, the largest Active Application Security Posture Management (Active ASPM) provider, unveils a strategic OEM partnership program, kicking off with HCLSoftware. This collaboration marks a significant milestone […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Tool

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Given the widespread use of third-party components in application development, identifying and remediating code vulnerabilities as early in development as possible is critical. As a result, many organizations turn to SCA tools, however traditional ones often deliver superficial code analysis that floods developers with irrelevant or non-actionable alerts, including numerous false positives. As you search […]