Beyond Static Application Security - Unleashing Active ASPM

AppSec is in a transformative phase challenging traditional security approaches. Gartner predicts that by 2026, 70% of platform teams will integrate application security tools, a significant increase from 20% in 2023. Organizations are turning to Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) and fragmented Application Security Testing (AST) tools, but this often leads to tool sprawl, false alerts, and poor remediation. This paradoxically increases workloads, introduces delays in development releases, and heightens risk.

Discover how AppSec can shift from static to ACTIVE.

An active, continuous approach is crucial as organizations evolve, aiming to unify tools and seamlessly integrate security into the software development lifecycle.

In this webinar, you can expect to learn:

  • What an active sensor is, and how it consolidates data to enable precise prioritization.
  • How to integrate application security tools and controls to remove gaps and attain holistic visibility from development to runtime.
  • Ways to efficiently extract data and prioritize actions for a streamlined company response.


Setting the Standard for DevOps and Security Teams

"The OX Security platform is a game changer for application security teams. It is easy to adopt and integrate into the CI/CD pipeline and provides us the visibility and focus we need to develop fast and secure."
Moshe Belostosky
Director of Infrastructure at Tomorrow.io
"OX Security supports our need for transparency and end to end traceability, ensuring security throughout our processes. This provides us with greater control - blocking vulnerabilities and improving accuracy during the development lifecycle."
Danny Wishlitzky
Head of IT and Cybersecurity, CISO, DPO, Proximity
OX is changing the software supply chain security game. It gives a complete and reliable snapshot of code security before deployment
Golan Barash
CISO at 888 holdings