Choosing the Right SCA for Your Organization:

Integrated SCA Shines a Light on Software Supply Chain Risk

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is vital in modern software development to detect and address security vulnerabilities and licensing issues introduced by third-party components. By scanning codebases, SCA tools enable early mitigation of risks, ensuring compliance and enhancing the overall security and reliability of applications. However, traditional SCA solutions often provide superficial code analysis that results in a flurry of irrelevant and non-actionable alerts and, oftentimes, false positives.

Download the whitepaper to learn why moving beyond traditional SCA to an integrated approach better prepares your organization to thwart software supply chain risk.

Download the Whitepaper

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“Within five minutes, we connected GitLab, our main repository, to OX. Scanning started straight away, and it was just like Hallelujah!”
Eric Austin
Head of Security, Playbook Engineering