From Alert Fatigue to Actionable Insights: How SCA Fits Into Active ASPM

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Using third-party components in application development has become a norm rather than an exception. While boosting efficiency and innovation, this trend also opens up a Pandora’s box of security vulnerabilities that adversaries can exploit. The challenge of identifying and remediating these vulnerabilities as early as possible in the development process is paramount. Yet, many Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools in the market today offer only a surface-level analysis, leading to a flood of irrelevant alerts and false positives. This creates unnecessary noise and results in alert fatigue among developers.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional SCA tools, OX integrates our proprietary SCA technology into the industry’s first Active Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) platform. This innovative approach ensures a smarter, faster, more effective management of third-party code security and compliance challenges.


A Leap Towards Intelligent Risk Prioritization

OX stands out from conventional SCA tools by offering highly accurate risk prioritization. It considers critical factors like reachability, exploitability, and the damage potential of vulnerabilities. OX significantly reduces alert noise by consolidating related vulnerabilities based on root causes. Moreover, it presents a clear remediation path by detailing resolved vulnerabilities and related information, thus streamlining the remediation process.


Comprehensive Risk Analysis and Remediation for Third-Party Code

The OX Active ASPM platform is not just another tool; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem that embeds proprietary SCA technology. It seamlessly connects with existing SCA tools to broaden coverage. It integrates into a holistic platform that includes Static Application Security Testing (SAST), container security, Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Git, and CI/CD posture management, among others.


Key features include:

  • Analyzing open-source packages and their licenses to ensure compliance and manage security risks efficiently.
  • Utilizing a 3-layer model to evaluate and prioritize vulnerabilities, significantly cutting down false positives.
  • Linking container issues back to the code to turn traditional alerts into actionable items.
  • Enriching issue reports with SBOM information, offering a comprehensive view of licensing, maintenance status, and code usage details.
  • Providing detailed insights into Dockerfiles, enhancing container security through better understanding of base images, operating systems, and packages.
  • Superior Visibility, Accurate Prioritization, and Faster Remediation


OX’s SCA solution offers unparalleled depth in analysis and efficiency, distinguishing itself from alternative tools by:


  • Reducing noise and expediting remediation through consolidated issue analysis, aggregating vulnerabilities, and conducting root cause analysis to transform multiple vulnerabilities into a single, actionable issue.
  • Navigating complex dependencies with advanced assessment tools, distinguishing between direct and indirect package dependencies, and offering dynamic visualizations that clarify the full scope of project dependencies.
  • Focusing on the most significant risks through context-sensitive prioritization, analyzing issues based on reachability, exploitability, and potential damage.
  • Linking SCA issues to SBOM allows us to stay ahead of compliance requirements, thus assessing compliance standards, package maintenance, popularity, and actual code usage.
  • Presenting a clear remediation path, enabling users to open pull requests directly from the interface with a single click, and creating no-code automated workflows for immediate action can save time and automate manual tasks.



OX’s integration of proprietary SCA technology into the Active ASPM platform represents a significant leap forward in how organizations manage third-party code security and compliance. With its intelligent risk prioritization, comprehensive analysis, and efficient remediation pathways, OX is setting a new standard in software composition analysis, helping developers reduce noise, prioritize effectively, and remediate faster. In doing so, OX enhances the security posture of applications and streamlines the software development lifecycle. 

Ready to see OX SCA in action? Start a free trial of our Active ASPM platform today!

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