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Agility Meets Security: Kaltura’s Journey to Streamlined Development with OX Security

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Discover how Kaltura strengthened its software supply chain and transformed its approach to application security with OX’s Active ASPM.

Pioneering video technology, Kaltura needed to strengthen its software supply chain and redefine its strategy for application security. Confronting obstacles in achieving agile innovation by balancing the speed and security of software releases, Kaltura needed a streamlined approach amid the complexities of accumulating numerous security tools.

Kaltura opted for OX’s Active ASPM platform to tackle its distinctive software supply chain challenges. The platform provided advanced prioritization, no-code workflows for automation, customized risk management utilizing the OSC&R framework, fostering collaboration, and delivering comprehensive code-to-cloud visibility—all while ensuring cost-effectiveness.


Kaltura faced challenges in agile development, needing to balance speed and security amid the complexity of numerous security tools that, ironically, slowed down deployments. They aimed to seamlessly integrate security into its development lifecycle, navigating the challenge of aligning these critical components without hindering innovation—a proactive approach supporting the continuous evolution of their solutions.

  • Navigating agile software development in a dynamic environment
  • Tackling complexity in securing the software supply chain
  • Achieving seamless integration of security and development

Seeking a partner that can help them integrate and innovate

When looking for a vendor, Kaltura had a few concerns. They were particularly interested in ensuring that:

  • No-code automation genuinely empowered their teams and provided easy customization without requiring extensive technical expertise.
  • The solution could integrate into their existing system without causing disruptions to operations.
  • It was cost-effective from the outset, and despite the initial investment, this solution would minimize long-term costs, reduce security breaches, and streamline operations.

Standing out of the herd

OX’s approach for Kaltura entailed seamlessly integrating their tailored Active ASPM platform capabilities to address the distinct challenges within Kaltura’s unique environment – all while being cost-effective. In navigating Kaltura’s journey, several key differentiators helped them choose OX.

  • Tailored OSC&R integration: The OSC&R framework offered unparalleled insights into the software supply chain. 
  • Bespoke risk coverage: OX ensured tailored code-to-cloud visibility, enhancing collaboration within Kaltura’s unique environment. 
  • Flexible solutions: OX is tailored to Kaltura’s needs, ensuring seamless integration without disruptions.

Partners for Success

The implementation of OX’s Active ASPM Platform transformed Kaltura’s security program.
By incorporating advanced automation mechanisms, OX significantly enhanced security coverage, establishing a dynamic defense against potential threats.

A notable accomplishment was the substantial reduction in false positives, a crucial metric highlighting the solution’s efficacy in accurately distinguishing real security threats from benign events. This holistic approach improved Kaltura’s resilience against potential risks and cultivated confidence in its security measures by providing precise and targeted threat detection.

Key Outcomes for Kaltura 

  • Improved security posture: OX addressed Kaltura’s specific security gaps, automating coverage and significantly reducing false positives. 
  • Simplified planning: Continuous scanning allowed Kaltura to swiftly identify and tackle top security concerns, allowing tailored resource allocation. 
  • Seamless integration into development: Kaltura observed an 80% decrease in false positives and a 40% increase in critical issue resolution, indicating improved developer satisfaction without formal security training.


With OX, Kaltura achieved complete security coverage, extending seamlessly from the cloud to the code, effectively addressing the distinctive challenges embedded in its software supply chain.

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