libwebp exploit: What You Need to Know

Security Alert: 5 Ways to Limit Your Exposure to the New Critical OpenSSL Vulnerability

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Enhanced CI/CD Security for Smoother Application Delivery

Reduce developer friction and minimize the risk of insecure code traveling through your CI/CD pipeline - before runtime with OX Security.

All-in-One CI/CD Security Vulnerability Scan

Scan your entire SDLC

Prioritize with context

Mitigate risks faster

CI/CD Security and Beyond from a Single Dashboard

Git Posture Scan

OX can detect policies if branch protection is turned on and if there are any ways it can be bypassed. OX also checks if your wikis are editable by the public. Prevent unauthorized access by assigning granular role-based permissions to outside collaborators or inactive contributors, and remove them as needed.

CI/CD Security Posture

Prevent misconfigurations and leaked credentials by running security policies across your CI/CD pipelines. Automate compliance and detect secrets used in workflows that can be exposed. Improve developer productivity without impacting velocity. OX provides single-click integration with your existing CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins, CircleCI, GitLab CI, Bitbucket, and more.

Open Source Security (SCA)

OX’s built-in SCA tool scans open-source packages and dependencies for vulnerabilities. Establish license policies across your organization to maintain compliance with best practices and avoid security risks early in the SDLC.

SBOM - Map All Your Dependencies in a Single Location

Scan all open-source components and dependencies for vulnerabilities from a single dashboard. Get a detailed inventory of all third-party software components that might pose a potential risk. Ensure compliance and security standards are met.

Single Pane of Glass (PBOM)

Get full visibility and orchestrate all vulnerabilities across your entire software supply chain from a single pane of glass. OX’s PBOM ensures the integrity of every build and provides full traceability over your entire pipeline. Automatically track all branches, builds, pull requests, tickets, and vulnerability management.

Secrets Scan

Detect any active secrets present in code and prioritize all secrets based on the severity of risks and version histories before deployment. Identify any suspicious behavior even when secrets have been removed.

Infrastructure as a Code Scanning

Identify any cloud misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities before deployment. Implement security compliance policies such as SOC 2 and ISO 27001. OX supports multiple programming languages, including Terraform, Dockerfile, Kubernetes, and AWS CloudFormation.

Container Security

Secure your Kubernetes and Docker container registries and images from unauthorized users. Check for new vulnerabilities in running containers and for hard-coded secrets in your source code.

Artifact Integrity

Protect all artifacts, binaries, libraries, and packages from the public. Control access permissions to users and groups. Analyze images and files for hidden threats or malicious content from a single source of truth.

Cloud Security

Quickly spot any insecure APIs and cloud misconfigurations early in the SDLC. Mitigate risks faster with actionable remediation strategies.

Code Scanning (SAST)

Analyze source code or binaries for vulnerabilities with OX’s built-in SAST tool. Get immediate feedback and address any problematic code in the earliest stages of the SDLC. Ensure more secure code without disrupting developer workflows.

Production Integrity

Ensure only trusted builds reach production. Enforce security policies from cloud to code, identifying unintended components while reducing countless hours on manual workflows.

Setting the OX standard for DevSecOps and security teams

"OX is truly changing how companies secure their software supply chain, ensuring that all code comes from secure and trusted builds."

Naor Penso

Director of Product Security at FICO

"OX is changing the software supply chain security game. It gives a complete and reliable snapshot of code security before development."

Golan Barash,

CISO at 888 Holdings

“OX brings back the much needed control enterprises have lost with the rapid shift to the cloud.”

Admiral Mike Rogers,

Former Director of NSA

Run a comprehensive scan over your CI/CD pipeline in minutes.