Security Alert: 5 Ways to Limit Your Exposure to the New Critical OpenSSL Vulnerability

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Generate an SBOM Within Minutes For Full Pipeline Visibility

Scan, map, and prioritize all your code dependencies from known vulnerabilities across your entire software supply chain. Transform your organization’s security posture with OX.

OX’s All-in-One SBOM Security Solution

Gain deeper transparency of all third-party software components, libraries, and packages for potential risks.

Seamlessly track all open source licenses, patch status, and dependencies to keep the software supply chain secured.

Ensure all regulatory and open source licensing compliance standards are up-to-date across your organization by enforcing tighter security policies.

End-to-End SBOM Security Coverage

Track Open Source Licenses

OX's SBOM tool enables developers to track open source licenses and versions early in the SDLC, to detect any insecure code, without slowing down processes as new changes of products must be constantly updated.

Complete Codebase Inventory Management

Track all components in the codebase, including open-source libraries and version information, to potential risks from third-party software components. Quickly identify and assess any vulnerabilities in your codebase. Detect any misconfigurations in code, registries, and artifacts.

Maintain Compliance Requirements

Maintain open source license compliance standards with OX’s auto-generated SBOM software inventory documentation. Gain valuable insights into any hidden dependencies or compromised components that could lead to costly breaches.

Streamline Developer Processes

SBOMs can save developers on wasted resources such as manually parsing code to spot vulnerabilities, reducing both time and costs while avoiding code bloat. This in turn frees up dev teams to focus on more important projects without impacting Time to Market (TTM).

Setting the OX standard for DevSecOps and security teams

"OX is truly changing how companies secure their software supply chain, ensuring that all code comes from secure and trusted builds."

Naor Penso

Director of Product Security at FICO

"OX is changing the software supply chain security game. It gives a complete and reliable snapshot of code security before development."

Golan Barash,

CISO at 888 Holdings

“OX brings back the much needed control enterprises have lost with the rapid shift to the cloud.”

Admiral Mike Rogers,

Former Director of NSA

Achieve SBOM security and full pipeline visibility
With OX's Pipeline Bill of Materials (PBOM)

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