Security Alert: 5 Ways to Limit Your Exposure to the New Critical OpenSSL Vulnerability

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Gain Full Software Supply Chain Security

Scan and discover end-to-end vulnerabilities early in your SDLC, from Git source code to SBOM, secrets detection, and more with OX’s complete software supply chain security solution.

End-to-End Software Supply Chain Security in a Single Dashboard

Auto-discovery and mapping of all applications.

Detect and fix vulnerabilities early in the SDLC.

Remediate risks based on prioritization and business context.

Make Your Entire Supply Chain Pipeline Airtight with OX

PBOM (Pipeline Bill of Materials)

Secure your entire software supply chain, identify blind spots that an SBOM does not cover, and map all dependencies with OX’s new PBOM open standard. Track all pipeline branches, builds, pull requests, tickets, and vulnerability management from a single pane of glass.

CI/CD Security Posture

Continuously monitor every stage of your delivery pipelines from the first line of code to production. Shift left in the early stages of the SDLC to identify and fix all bugs, and make quicker rollbacks if any new code change breaks a feature or application - with less manual effort and faster delivery time.

GitHub Code & Secrets Scanning

Instantly scan internal repositories for hardcoded secrets, detect and verify all API keys, enforce least privilege access to outside collaborators or inactive contributors, and remediate any vulnerabilities early on in the SDLC to minimize the attack surface.

Container Security

Code with confidence. Secure your Kubernetes and Docker container registries and images from unauthorized users. Pinpoint new vulnerabilities in running containers and keep your container lifecycle safe from malware.

Open Source Security

OX’s built-in SAST and SCA tools check open source code for security threats such as misconfigured libraries. Identify and mitigate potential risks. Prioritize and remediate any vulnerabilities and easily manage license compliance for all dependencies.

Artifact Security

Avoid artifact poisoning caused by privileged pipelines. Protect all software artifacts, binaries, libraries, and packages. Analyze images and files for hidden threats or malicious content from a single source of truth to tighten the security of your software supply chain.

SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)

Track all open-source third-party software components and dependencies for any vulnerabilities. Increase transparency in your supply chain with OX’s SBOM security tool. Eliminate technical debt, avoid licensing and security risks, and ensure all regulatory compliance standards are up-to-date.

Cloud Security

Quickly spot any cloud misconfigurations before deployment and lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). DevSecOp teams can eliminate unnecessary workflows and focus on building, without impacting speed time-to-market.

Infrastructure as a Code Scanning

Eliminate configuration drift, automate the provisioning of cloud resources, authorize permissions to manage IaC scripts, implement security compliance policies such as SOC 2 and ISO 27001, and detect any cloud misconfigurations before deployment.

Production Integrity

Make security an integral part of the development process instead of an afterthought. Ensure only trusted builds reach production. Enforce security policies from cloud to code, identifying any unintended components while reducing countless hours on manual workflows.

Setting the OX standard for DevSecOps and security teams

"OX is truly changing how companies secure their software supply chain, ensuring that all code comes from secure and trusted builds."

Naor Penso

Director of Product Security at FICO

"OX is changing the software supply chain security game. It gives a complete and reliable snapshot of code security before development."

Golan Barash,

CISO at 888 Holdings

“OX brings back the much needed control enterprises have lost with the rapid shift to the cloud.”

Admiral Mike Rogers,

Former Director of NSA

Getting started is easy

Bake security into your pipeline from the first line of code.