AppSec Posture
Management Assessment

The OX AppSec Posture Assessment provides a streamlined, lightweight solution to gauge the security posture of your applications effectively. This assessment delivers crucial insights into the current state of your application security, empowering you to make informed decisions.


  • Connect to Source Controls: OX currently supports the following hosted or on-prem source control options: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure Repos, Azure TFS, Gerrit, AWS CodeCommit.
  • Access Expert Advice: An OX SE will help guide your decision on how to connect and deliver the assessment results.
  • Results Time Frame: Every organization is different but you can expect results within two weeks (oftentimes sooner).


  • Understand Potential Risks: Pipeline Bill of Materials (PBOM) detailing issues across your software delivery pipeline, state of your Git posture along and more.
  • Ways to Enhance Efficiency: Where OX’s de-duplication, normalization, and re-prioritization capabilities will save you time.
  • See Detailed Inventories: OX offers detailed listings of libraries and licenses in your applications (SBOM), third-party SaaS BOMs in your repositories, and discovered API endpoints (API BOMs).

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Setting the standard for devops and security teams

The OX Security platform is a game changer for application security teams. It is easy to adopt and integrate into the CI/CD pipeline and provides us the visibility and focus we need to develop fast and secure."
Moshe Belostosky
Director of Infrastructire,
Group 1000002085
Within five minutes we connected GitLab, our main repository, to OX. Scanning started immediately, and it was like a revelation."
Eric Austin
Head of Security, Playbook Engineering
From the moment we started to work with the OX Security platform, we got end-to-end visibility into the entire software development supply chain."