Proactive Plates: Navigating the Software Supply Chain Maze with OSC&R

“Proactive Plates” is an exclusive executive dinner event aimed at discussing proactive strategies for supply chain security. We’ll delve into the OSC&R (Open Software Supply Chain Attack Reference) framework, a MITRE-like structure (developed with an array of leaders) that offers a comprehensive view of attacker tactics and a proactive plan to strengthen defenses. The evening will highlight data from analyzing millions of vulnerabilities across broad datasets, including code repositories and cloud applications.

Key discussion points include:

  • Proactive Exposure Mapping & Vulnerability Analysis: Identifying and prioritizing the most critical vulnerabilities in the software supply chain.
  • Strategic Vulnerability Mitigation Across the Supply Chain: Analyzing vulnerability impacts to develop targeted defense strategies.
  • Anticipatory Cross-Technique Defense Mechanisms: Exploring how adversaries use vulnerabilities in combination and devising preemptive security measures.

“Proactive Plates” elevates the typical industry meet-up by fostering a dialogue-driven, interactive setting among professionals. We’re setting the stage for a gathering that emphasizes exchanging ideas and strategies over fine dining, aiming to inspire actionable insights for enhancing application security.

Registration is Closed

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