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Complete Coverage

Fragmentation in existing ASPM, AST, and Software Supply Chain tools leads to coverage gaps, technical debt, and friction. OX enables a comprehensive and integrated view of all software components, filling gaps left by traditional tools, enabling you to:
Enhance SDLC visibility:
End-to-end coverage seamlessly interfaces with your ecosystem for a proactive security stance. OX visualizes attack paths and offers alternative mitigations, contextualizing data to assess threat impacts
Reduce tool dependency:
Flexible scanning options offer continuous visibility across source control, CI/CD, registry, and cloud through APIs.
Monitor vulnerabilities in real time:
Our PBOM tracking software lineage ensures build integrity and secure production apps from inception to release.
Automatically discover and map all applications:
Ensures complete visibility and control over your software landscape.

Contextualized Prioritization

While legacy testing tools combined with ASPM offer prioritization, they do not pull context based on your needs, leading to incomplete security assessments and lots of noise, OX’s “Active” approach helps you to:
Overcome alert fatigue and cut through the noise. Reduce alerts and clarify risk priorities through our active data collection, allowing you to focus on the most critical threats.
Minimize risk with a unified view of prioritized threats. OX continuously normalizes data with consistent enrichment and efficient prioritizing based on threat severity, environment, and business impact, enabling you to tackle the riskiest issues first.
Go beyond compliance requirements. Instead of checking a compliance box and finding security gaps later, leverage active context to run SBOM’s and PBOM’s within your environment.
Speed up remediation. Get actionable insights on vulnerabilities, enabling security and development teams to collaborate efficiently with one click, securing the SDLC more effectively.

Automated Remediation

Enhance your team's efficiency with OX's 'No-Code Workflow Automation,' streamlining response plans and accelerating project timelines, automation reduces Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) from weeks to days this approach helps you to:
Avoid trade-offs between speed and security. With no code workflows, your team can decide which risks they want to automate remediation and which ones they need to respond to.
Simplify security workflows, reduce manual operations, and stop accumulating security debt by automatically blocking vulnerabilities, risky code, and configuration changes introduced into your pipeline to ensure your environment does not drift from its secure state.
Enhance the efficiency and scalability of DevSecOps and AppSec teams' efforts. OX offers a scalable solution by automating customized remediation processes, significantly eliminating the need to execute each issue manually.
Streamline and secure your development process. Confidently accelerate release approvals while effectively balancing development speed against the growing complexity of security and risk decisions.
Secrets Workflow

Actionable Intelligence

Dashboards provide customizable visualizations to help critical stakeholders quickly understand existing gaps, evaluate risks, and recognize security drift.
Quantify business impact. Communicate your security strategy to stakeholders with clear KPIs, quantify risk, and prioritize investments aligned with the business.
Understand your overall application security posture. Reports provide an overview of the overall organizational posture broken down by different categories, including the OSC&R framework, known vulnerabilities, and business impact, so teams can understand the efficacy of existing systems immediately, inform resourcing decisions, and enhance strategic alignment.
Align Stakeholders: Provide meaningful business metrics with key stakeholders to communicate risk postures of applications all aligned with our OSCA&R standard.
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Getting started is easy

Bake security into your software pipeline. A five-minute integration is all you need to get started.