The Active ASPM Platform

Turn fragmented AppSec practices into continuous action

Scan your Environment in 2 Minutes

Persistently scan your application development pipeline for risks similar to Solarwinds and Log4j to prevent known and emerging attack types.

Reduce False Positive by 95%

Focus on critical threats with contextualized prioritization, streamlining risk identification and reducing security debt. 

Cut Manual AppSec Tasks by 70%

Automatically remediate risks based on prioritization and business context, block vulnerabilities in your pipeline, and swiftly respond to any exposure. 

Ensure your software supply chain remains secure and resilient

PBOM technology tracks code, pipelines, artifacts, container images, runtime assets, and applications alongside ongoing security monitoring. Surpassing standard SBOM capabilities, it maintains build integrity, bolsters production app security, and reduces attack surfaces.


Quickly address security concerns from a single-screen

Comprehensive attack path analysis allows users to visualize and address security concerns swiftly, responding directly from a single, information-rich view.


Merge existing tools and eliminate redundancies

Advanced native scanners streamline security processes by consolidating infrastructure and reducing third-party tool dependence. They cover SAST, SCA, container security, SBOM, IaC, Git, CI/CD posture, secrets, PII, artifact integrity, and cloud security.


Get the context you need for the correct response

Build your remediation strategy based on a list of prioritized risks and insights specific to your context and business objectives.​ Get comprehensive Dockerfile insights, including SBOM, SCA, and plaintext secrets detection in code, containers, and logs. Benefit from detailed open-source security analysis, advanced taint analysis, and data flow tracking for proactive SDLC vulnerability protection.

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