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Future Proof Your AppSec with OX SCA

Unlike standalone SCA solutions that rely on extensive vulnerability databases offering general remediation suggestions, OX achieves targeted vulnerability management by employing consolidated issue analysis, advanced dependency assessment, context-sensitive prioritization, and comprehensive issue management - from a converged platform.

Why OX for SCA

1. Beyond the CVE

Wrap every vulnerability—direct or indirect—into actionable recommendations focused on issue remediation, not just identification. This holistic approach prevents circular upgrades and ensures package updates resolve a broad spectrum of vulnerabilities, streamlining the path to secure software and eliminating the confusion and redundancy seen in other tools.

2. Targeted remediation based on comprehensive severity factors

Unique severity assessment considers not just the potential impact but the actual reachability, exploitability, and potential damage of a vulnerability.

3. Usage and condition analysis for pinpoint accuracy

Dive deep into your code to identify whether a vulnerable function or condition is actually in use, allowing for more precise risk management. This nuanced understanding ensures that efforts and resources are directed where they're truly needed.

4. End-to-end security from code to cloud

Complete visibility into the attack path, from code to cloud, including insights into which containers are being built, deployed, and exposed to the internet. This comprehensive coverage ensures that vulnerabilities are caught and addressed across the entire development lifecycle - all from a converged platform.

5. Unified security ecosystem

With the capability to link findings across container security, SCA, and, in the future, runtime security, we offer a unified solution that grows with your security needs. This interconnectedness allows for a seamless security posture that is robust, responsive, and resilient.

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