Understanding and Implementing SaaSBOMs for Enhanced Resilience

Date & Time: Tuesday, April 16th @ 12pm ET/9am PT

On April 11, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued an urgent advisory for Sisense customers. The warning, triggered by a recent security breach, urged customers to reset their Sisense platform credentials and passwords for sensitive data accessed via Sisense services. This incident underlines the vulnerabilities in technology supply chains and highlights the risks of compromised software.

The breach raises crucial questions: How can organizations detect exposure from compromised code? What steps can be taken to log their software inventory systematically? Traditionally, the software industry and regulators have relied on Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) to track components necessary for product creation, but what if organizations had the same insight to their SaaS applications?

Join us for an interactive webinar, where we will introduce the Software as a Service Bill of Materials (SaaSBOM) and the strategic importance of adopting and mitigating these risks.


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Setting the Standard for DevOps and Security Teams

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