AppSec Vulnerability Prioritization by OX:

From Alert Fatigue to Action

AppSec teams are dealing with an unmanageable volume of software vulnerability alerts. These alerts are not just plentiful, but ever-changing, creating significant complexity in the vulnerability remediation process.

What AppSec teams need is greater context (to determine how the alert applies to their organization), a straightforward way to prioritize alerts (based on reachability, exploitability, and potential impact), and a plan to address the highest-priority vulnerabilities in the software supply chain.

Download the OX Security solution brief AppSec Vulnerability Prioritization: From Alert Fatigue to Action to learn:

  • How to precisely target and address the most critical vulnerabilities
  • How to use attack path analysis for more informed decision-making 
  • How to prioritize vulnerability remediation based on OSC&R, the only AppSec framework to provide a clear path to application attack surface reduction

Download the Solution Brief


Setting the standard for devops and security teams

"The OX Security platform is a game changer for application security teams. It is easy to adopt and integrate into the CI/CD pipeline and provides us the visibility and focus we need to develop fast and secure."
Moshe Belostosky
Director of Infrastructure at
"OX Security supports our need for transparency and end to end traceability, ensuring security throughout our processes. This provides us with greater control - blocking vulnerabilities and improving accuracy during the development lifecycle."
Danny Wishlitzky
Head of IT and Cybersecurity, CISO, DPO, Proximity
OX is changing the software supply chain security game. It gives a complete and reliable snapshot of code security before deployment
Golan Barash
CISO at 888 holdings