Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Application Security:

Lessons from Leading CISOs

Over the past three months, the OX team had the opportunity to engage with a variety of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) at industry events and meetings.
Throughout these conversations, a common theme consistently emerged: the crucial role of metrics. Assessing the effectiveness of security initiatives can be complex without well-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Many teams struggle to
identify which metrics to prioritize, especially in application security.

Download this white paper to discover how leading CISOs determine their KPIs to evaluate application security posture within their organization.

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Setting the standard for devops and security teams

"The OX Security platform is a game changer for application security teams. It is easy to adopt and integrate into the CI/CD pipeline and provides us the visibility and focus we need to develop fast and secure."
Moshe Belostosky
Director of Infrastructure at
"OX Security supports our need for transparency and end to end traceability, ensuring security throughout our processes. This provides us with greater control - blocking vulnerabilities and improving accuracy during the development lifecycle."
Danny Wishlitzky
Head of IT and Cybersecurity, CISO, DPO, Proximity
OX is changing the software supply chain security game. It gives a complete and reliable snapshot of code security before deployment
Golan Barash
CISO at 888 holdings