Pinpoint Vulnerabilities in Minutes with OX’s Built-In SCA Solution

From static code to open source libraries, to SBOM, secrets, and beyond. Scan every line of code throughout your entire pipeline with OX’s all-in-one software supply chain security scanner.

OX's Active ASPM platform goes beyond just SCA to cover the complete SDLC and provide the tools you need to secure every app and strengthen every release.

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A Complete SDLC Scanner with Built-In SCA & SAST Security Scan

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Comprehensive open source code scanning and analysis. Eliminate false positives.

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SCA open source scanner. Uncover all compromised dependencies in your codebase.

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Remediate by prioritization and context. End-to-end software supply chain security.

Remediate Code & Beyond with OX

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Complete Code Review & Analysis

Analyze code as it’s compiled in versions. Scan for security flaws early in the SDLC. Reduce false positives by creating new rules or updating existing ones. Build custom reports and check for other security vulnerabilities, and gain total visibility from a single pane of glass.

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CI/CD Pipeline Integration

OX’s end-to-end software supply chain security platform provides single-click integration with your existing CI/CD tools to continuously monitor code for risks throughout all stages of the SDLC, enabling DevSecOps to leverage best practices for more secure coding.

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Shift Security Left

Identify and remediate any vulnerabilities such as bugs from the proprietary source code of an application during the earliest stages of the development lifecycle without impacting velocity. Reduce development costs. Ship code into production faster.

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Supports Multiple Programming Languages

OX supports dozens of programming languages and frameworks, such as Python, Java, Jenkins, Circle CI, BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, and more. OX in a Box means no additional configuration is required. Code with confidence. .

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SCA Open Source Scan

Identify all open source components, packages, and dependencies for known vulnerabilities. Ensure license compliance and mitigate security risks.

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Reduce False Positives

Pinpoint the exact location of any vulnerabilities in code without disrupting developer workflows.

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Secrets Scan

Check for any compromised passwords, API keys, tokens, or other credentials in your delivery pipelines before they become exposed to public repositories.

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Scan Your Git Posture

Keep hardcoded secrets out of your Git repositories. Limit permissions and enforce granular access to outside collaborators to minimize the attack surface.

Setting the OX standard for DevSecOps and security teams

"OX is truly changing how companies secure their software supply chain, ensuring that all code comes from secure and trusted builds."

Naor Penso

Director of Product Security at FICO

"OX is changing the software supply chain security game. It gives a complete and reliable snapshot of code security before development."

Golan Barash,

CISO at 888 Holdings

“OX brings back the much needed control enterprises have lost with the rapid shift to the cloud.”

Admiral Mike Rogers,

Former Director of NSA

Easy deployment. Zero disruption.

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