Espressos & Endurance:
No Bull, Just Context - OX's Approach to Software Composition Analysis

Join us on March 27th for our next Espressos & Endurance Session: No Bull, Just Context: OX’s Approach to Software Composition Analysis – a fireside chat to redefine your approach to managing open-source and third-party dependencies. Learn how OX’s Software Composition Analysis (SCA) feature streamlines AppSec by eliminating false positives and converting raw data into precise, actionable insights

During the chat, Aaron Miller, Solutions Engineer at OX will delve into:

  • Cutting through clutter with targeted vulnerability assessments, emphasizing relevance to your business, application architecture, and container ecosystems.
  • Consolidating vulnerabilities into unified, actionable issues for effective remediation focus.
  • Integrating SCA findings with your software bill of materials (SBOM) to navigate compliance, package maintenance, popularity, and actual usage in code.

Discover why OX is the strategic choice for DevSecOps teams seeking to streamline their AppSec practices.  Seize this opportunity to explore a simplified yet comprehensive approach to SCA. 

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Setting the Standard for DevOps and Security Teams

"The OX Security platform is a game changer for application security teams. It is easy to adopt and integrate into the CI/CD pipeline and provides us the visibility and focus we need to develop fast and secure."
Moshe Belostosky
Director of Infrastructure at
"OX Security supports our need for transparency and end to end traceability, ensuring security throughout our processes. This provides us with greater control - blocking vulnerabilities and improving accuracy during the development lifecycle."
Danny Wishlitzky
Head of IT and Cybersecurity, CISO, DPO, Proximity
OX is changing the software supply chain security game. It gives a complete and reliable snapshot of code security before deployment
Golan Barash
CISO at 888 holdings