OSC&R Threat Report Uncovers Urgent Software Supply Chain Risks

AppSec teams are overwhelmed by useless alerts, managing numerous applications with vulnerabilities across various kill-chain stages, making them increasingly susceptible to successful attacks.
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Our researchers analyzed 140,000 enterprise applications over nine months, correlating the data to the OSC&R threat framework.

Here is What They Found...

AppSec teams face an unmanageable volume of alerts with the average team monitoring 129 applications and managing over 119,000 alerts.
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Ninety-five percent of organizations had at least one high, critical, or apocalyptic risk within their software supply chain, with the average organization having nine such issues.
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6 of the top 10 most commonly observed vulnerabilities are tied to poor implementation of fundamental security practices such as authentication, encryption, exploitable information in logs, and the principle of least privilege.
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Automated alert analysis dramatically accelerates identification of the .5% of alerts you actually care about.
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