June 25, 2024

Decoding Security Frameworks vs. Actual Security: Avishai Avivi’s Cybersecurity Playbook for Executives


In this episode of CyberOXtales Podcast, host Neatsun Ziv, Co-Founder and CEO of OX Security, interviews Avishai Avivi, cybersecurity expert and CISO of SafeBreach. They discuss the intricacies of security frameworks versus actual security practices. Avishai shares his insights on the importance of focusing on security over compliance, highlighting the discrepancies between regulations and real security needs. The discussion emphasizes the need for a balanced approach involving people, processes, and tools in a security program. Avishai stresses the importance of understanding business risks and translating technical security concepts into language that resonates with executives. Through practical examples and a playbook approach, this episode underscores the necessity of aligning security measures with the organization’s unique requirements for a robust and effective security program.

About Our Guest:
Avishai Avivi is a seasoned security expert and CISO with a rich history in managing the development of cutting-edge security products. His journey took off at Juniper, where he transitioned from working on security products to leading their development. It was during this period that Avishai first encountered various security frameworks such as NIST, ISO, and SOC. However, it wasn’t until his tenure at Wells Fargo that he fully immersed himself in the world of frameworks, compliance, and regulations. This marked a significant shift from his previous role, underscoring his adaptability and deepening his expertise in the security domain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Balance regulations and actual security measures for a robust cybersecurity program. Understand the law versus its intent.
  • Help the company manage risks, not eliminate them. Translate technical risks to business terms for better understanding.
  • Balance tools, people, and processes in your security program. Ensure all three pillars are well-developed and aligned.
  • Use accessible language and mainstream examples to convey cybersecurity concepts to business leaders effectively.
  • Regulations guide your security program, providing pointers for risk management. Translate them for practical implementation.
  • Lack of a continuity plan can have severe consequences on business operations. Highlight the importance of business resilience.
  • Use real-world examples from mainstream media to emphasize cybersecurity risks and the importance of effective security measures.
  • Ensure a balanced approach across people, process, and tools in your security program for comprehensive protection and resilience.Listen to the full episode on Spotify. Stay tuned for more insightful stories, scenarios, and cybersecurity playbooks on CyberOXtales!