5 Musts for Building a Software Supply Chain Strategy

Automating your way out of an AppSec staffing shortage

automating your way out of an appesc staffing shortage

If you’re like most companies, you might be struggling to hire and retain skilled application security staff. According to a 2023 study by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), 71% of companies feel they are negatively impacted by a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. The study also showed that over half the respondents felt that […]

DevSecOps Dashboard – Build vs. Buy?

build or buy graphic

3 things to consider before you develop a custom risk dashboard for your software supply chain TL;DR – BUY Seriously though. If you’re contemplating a build vs. buy decision, buying gets you a working DevSecOps dashboard sooner and usually at lower cost than building something in house. And whether you build or buy a dashboard […]